Our Story

Where did a taste for tea turn into a devotion?

Through my whole life I never had an affinity for soda or sweet drinks, so I began drinking tea at a young age.  However the canned Brisk sweet lemon tea was a far stretch from the fine Chinese handmade and aged teas we’re selling and drinking now.

From years of drinking the canned tea, I, as well as many others found Teavana. That was one of the turning points of tea for me, I had no idea there was even anything other than sweetened black tea.  Even after finding all these bizarre teas, I still had to have it sweetened though, it was about as gradual of a change as you could think of.  I went from still pouring sugar into my teas, to the refined rock sugars, to honey.  But it was only after I tried real tea that I realized it wasn’t so bad by itself, looking back on it though I’ve realized that real tea was quite a poor quality tea.

I spent several months researching internet tea shops, ordering, ordering, and ordering, until I found what I liked, and who I liked it from.  Around that time, I started buying books and watching videos on tea, learning as much as I could about it.  

From there, I started stocking up on as much tea as I possibly could, ordering what I liked and more importantly, what I didn’t know about, which I am still doing to this day.  

I’ve always wanted to open a shop up, though it has been ever changing what I wanted that shop to sell, that was until I really thought about tea. So for now this site along side setting up booths at random conventions and anywhere that’ll have us is supporting our company.