2016 Old Tree Narcissus


This is a high quality old tree Wuyi Yancha that comes from the studio of Huang Xian Yi.  Nacrissus, meaning Water Spirit, is from old trees on a small cliff near Zhu Ke, far into a protected Wuyi reserve.  It has been roasted several times entirely traditional over charcoal.  The flavor is bold and pure with a thick body.  It has a medium to heavy roast with a strong qi.  This tea is perfect for the experience tea drinker, who can notice the subtle yet defining differences that make this tea truly noble.

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Shui Xian is typically known as a Wu Yi varietal but in fact Shui Xian is originally from the Wu Dong mountains.  It’s been growing in the Wu Dong mountains for more than 700 years.  Our Old Tree “Lao Cong” Shui Xian Dan Cong is from 200+ year old trees growing naturally next to the river just above the Feng Xi Reservoir at about 750 meters altitude.

Taste just how special and unique a Lao Cong Shui Xian varietal processed in the traditional Dan Cong manner can be!  Floral, creamy, sweet, bitter, and thick.  Can be infused so many times and it just keeps delivering a stable thick and creamy mouthfeel and rich voluminous hui gan.

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