2015 Gao Jia Shan “Black Dragon” Liu Bao


Wu Long or Oolong translates into Black Dragon, Thus the name Black Dragon arises.

Wu Long Mountain is the highest mountainous tea growing area in the Gao Jia Shan area of Anhua County. Wu Long Mountain is blessed with steep slopes and copious karst-like outcroppings. Much like Gao Jia Shan the tea grows wonderfully here and has a mineral base from the karst rocks which form the underlying “root” for the tea trees and bushes growing there.

Gao Jia Shan is both a place and the name of the tea factory brand that produced this lovely tea. Gao Jia Shan as a producer doesn’t have as long of a history as Yi Yang and Bai Sha Xi tea factories but nonetheless produces very high quality Fu Brick tea processed in the traditional manner.

This Wu Long Mountain Tian Jian is made from the first flush of Spring material. The tea was processed into raw Tian Jian (aka mao cha), then roasted, then re-roasted with under a smokey fire, then aged briefly before being steamed to soften and pressed into 5 kilogram hand-woven baskets! We have added the option for you to buy the whole basket if you so wish!

Spring 2015 harvest tea leaves (Packed in August 2015)

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